JAMBa's 2016 release "OFF WHITE" feat Bernard "Pretty" Purdie was recently nominated for Tribute Album of the Year. Awards will be given on March 31, 2018 at Lincoln Center in NYC.

We're very happy to have our project considered. …

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Mistakes with Legends part 1: Tony Williams

Over the years, I’ve found myself meeting musicians that I really respected. Guys whose albums I wore out. Guys whose music had a tremendous impact on my playing. 
I’m not a “I really gotta meet this guy” type of person…

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JAZZ TIMES writer Ken Franckling on OFF WHITE

JAMBa, Off White (JAMBaTunes) 

While there is a jam band feel throughout this project, the band name JAMBa does not reference the genre. It merely borrows initials from co-leaders drummer John Anter and bassist Marty Ballou. They pulled together…

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What Others Are Saying....

Friends and Music Lovers, This is a most unique, eclectic, and original sounding album; not really jazz, not pop, all Beatles Tunes, but you'd never know it. At times there are two bass players, sometimes doing a call-response thing, other…Read more

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Angela Lorenzo feat Mike Renzi

Singer Angela Lorenzo with Mike Renzi (piano) , Paul DelNero (bass) and John Anter (drums)