What Others Are Saying....

Friends and Music Lovers, This is a most unique, eclectic, and original sounding album; not really jazz, not pop, all Beatles Tunes, but you'd never know it. At times there are two bass players, sometimes doing a call-response thing, other times the guitarist rips these licks that rock yet don't distract from insistent 4s and 3s underneath. The drums express like soloing, yet are always tastefully in the background. Each tune seems to be so lovingly rehearsed and developed, with layers of subtle moods that change and groves that don't quit. I wish I knew more about music so I could describe it better. Treat yourself: Give a listen....
--Peter R., RI, USA

I listened to your CD all the way home.
I had it cranked and I really loved it. It's familiar yet totally fresh and grooves for days. Ioved, loved,loved it.
I thought everyone on it sounded amazing and arrangements, congrats to you and Marty and everyone involved.
--Steve D., RI USA

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